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To date, we never been underbid when selling uniforms and gear to ANY Law Enforcement agency; not even once. We believe strongly in saving you money so you can spend less of your tax payers' dollars, upgrade your gear, or simply purchase more of it. US Combat Gear, is staffed exclusively with combat Vets and current Active Duty Soldiers. We have all left home and went abroad to defend this nation. In our absence it was YOU who defended our loved ones and our homes, and for that we are grateful. The best way for us to show you our appreciation is to offer you the lowest possible rates for all of your needs. If you have any questions please CONTACT US and we will assist you as quickly as possible. Thanks for all you do.


Contact Us about Fox Labs, Mace, and Sabre pepper and OC spray, fog, balls and gel.
We've never been under-bid, not even once