Notes from the Owner:
We are all pretty approachable people here. Please don't hesitate to ask whatever questions you have about our ordering process or a product before you order. We want you to be comfortable with your purchase and know that you're getting the products that fit your mission needs. Remember that our business is acquisitions and we mostly deal with agencies with a B2B model, but allow you the ease of access of ordering from the site at bulk discounts. Your transaction will not differ from our normal operating procedures. Please review our policies page before finalizing your order.

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2008 - started consulting with resellers to get units and agencies group discounts for their orders

2008 - started Scout Sniper Systems LLC. consulting for surveillance and Sniper projects for government bodies and private security firms

2009 - started selling sniper and field gear including the first Multicam base with Multicam nylon covered military style ghillie suits

2010 - launched our new site

2011 - reached over 60K followers on our facebook page and went to the first Shot Show for the business

2012 - launched and added 6 brands

2013 - added 144 brands throughout and after Shot Show and sold over 620,000 pieces of gear. Page grew to over 200,000 followers and added Paypal as a payment method

2014 - focusing on department orders on the ground, online orders got pretty stagnant but department sales grew over 3,000%

2015 - Incorporated under NextGen Inc. and launched the website under the new URL
changed payment methods from PayPal to


2016 - added stripe to checkout allowing easier ordering with credit cards over the phone, and online, added and dropped a few major brands, restructured the site and renamed it after receiving numerous complaints about having a .sale website instead of a .com

2017 - went back to after a lot of deliberation and losing significant SEO battles for murican tactical sales, introduced payment by bitcoin and started working closer with outside social platforms, and launched the MISSION FIRST Teen Readiness Initiative to help challenged youth get into college and technical schools... and the best is yet to come.


2018 - we sold 22 brands of gear gear in 44 lower states, 35 different countries, to domestic and allied military and Law Enforcement from city to federal level. We scaled down a bit in anticipation of Shot Show 2019, hoping to add some lesser known brands off of the beaten path. The way forward for us is going to be exactly that. The industry is very saturated with resellers so brands like TruSpec and 5.11 don't need us to resell for them. Look forward to seeing some new items that are harder to find and also new partnerships with some foreign allied companies who make great gear with no one to distribute inside the US. 

2019 - we added Chase Tactical, Grey Ghost Gear, and continued to seek out some more brands off the beaten path to give you access to more items not typically found discounted on the internet. We began building another site on a platform that sezzle can be integrated into, so that customers with high dollar orders can use the interest free financing option. 

2020 - we transitioned back to a .com under the name due to the ridiculously high number of people who still can't fathom using a branded extension which there are several of. With the masses not being able to keep up with the times, it forced another, what is seemingly permanent change. 

Welcome to, your home for tactical gear. We deal directly with units, agencies, and military groups domestic and foreign through email/ invoice systems so remember that only about 5% of our offerings are actually on the site. This site  is used as a quick purchase tool, loaded with the items that agencies buy the most frequently. We are an online B2B eCommerce business, BUT allow individuals to purchase from the site. We sell everything at or below MAP price that are commonly overpriced to ensure you can get the best service possible. We sell popular A-TACS and Multicam gear as well as other big name and some private label gear. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to go to the CONTACT US page and send a quick message.
We do ship internationally as well, but require contacting us and sending your order details through so we can ensure that shipping information is accurate and correctly calculated. We do not want to overcharge you, and the online calculator (guesstimator) doesn't work well with international orders.
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