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Delivering quality gear to the front lines of freedom; on time, for less, without fail.


Tactical Acquisitions with us means single source fulfillment of gear for your agency. Work with us to reduce ordering time, stress, and the total cost of your equipment. Swipe your card once regardless of how many brands' gear or quantity of items your agency's order contains. Let U.S. Combat Gear LLC. do the heavy lifting in the background while you focus on the mission and protecting the great citizens of this country!

Notes from the Owner:
We are all pretty approachable people here. Please don't hesitate to ask whatever questions you have about our ordering process or a product before you order. We want you to be comfortable with your purchase and know that you're getting the products that fit your mission needs. Please review our policies page before finalizing your order. It only benefits you to Contact Us before placing an agency/ unit order.

Happy Shopping



2008 - started consulting with resellers to get units and agencies group discounts for their orders. There was a clear need when so many young troops were deploying, but having to purchase their own gear because the services' issued gear was less than effective. We started Scout Sniper Systems LLC. consulting for surveillance and Sniper projects for government bodies and private security firms

2009 - started selling Sniper and field gear including the first Multicam base with Multicam nylon covered military style ghillie suits. Expanded into working with executive security and small unit military training centers

2010 - launched our new site for consulting and opened an online surplus plus a free page for sharing gear for sale. The Gear Scout Facebook page grew rapidly as we had live interactive "Gear Quests" on Saturdays, and items for rapid sale after each livestream. The YouTube channel began to draw a presence, and out consulting and testing business more than quadrupled 

2011 - reached over 60K followers on our Facebook page and went to the first SHOT Show for the business. We added five major brands, and continued with consulting and building the audience for both individual and agency sales. Overall not a bad year, but nothing was automated yet for direct sales

2012 - launched and added 6 brands. Continued the consulting part of the business and worked on a few projects for Ubi-soft, and  Hollywood, all wrapped up in NDAs. We were instrumental in several quality control projects as new expectations for gear were made present to overhaul lightweight, versatile gear for the battlefield, in the wake of larger scale operations overseas entering their 10th year

2013 - added 144 brands following SHOT Show and sold over 620,000 pieces of gear. Page grew to over 200,000 followers  on Facebook and we added PayPal as a payment method. We worked with several companies including Ubi-soft, A-TACS Camo, and private label gear makers to contribute to outreach efforts and building the physical uniforms used for marketing games such as Splinter Cell Blacklist

2014 - focusing on department orders on the ground, online orders got pretty stagnant but department sales grew over 3,000%. Because of an unending social campaign, our Facebook page grew to over 650,000 followers, and our YouTube channel had multiple viral videos. Towards the middle of the year, we began the process of focusing on a few major brands to discount for large agency orders, and made efforts to improve customer service for all clients. Around the end of the year, without warning our Facebook page was deleted by Facebook admins and a new page was started

2015 - Incorporated under NextGen Inc. and launched the website under the new URL; and changed payment methods from PayPal to Stood up our store in Columbus, GA enabling us to better serve our local community in addition to military and first responders around the nation. Our social presence grew and loyal followers rejoined our Facebook page

2016 - added Stripe to checkout allowing easier ordering with credit cards over the phone, and online, added and dropped a few major brands, restructured the site and renamed it after receiving numerous complaints about having a .sale website instead of a .com. After regrowing our Facebook page to just over 236,000 followers, Facebook deleted our page once again. Even after filing several complaints through Facebook and the BBB, the ban remained in effect. YouTube also cancelled our channel

2017 - went back to after a lot of deliberation and losing significant SEO battles for murican tactical sales, introduced payment by bitcoin and started working closer with outside social platforms, and launched the MISSION FIRST Teen Readiness Initiative to help challenged youth get into college and technical schools... and the best is yet to come


2018 - we sold 22 brands of gear in 44 lower states, 35 different countries, to domestic and allied military and Law Enforcement from city to federal level. We scaled down a bit in anticipation of Shot Show 2019, hoping to add some lesser known brands off of the beaten path. The way forward for us is going to be exactly that. The industry is very saturated with resellers so brands like TruSpec and 5.11 don't need us to resell for them. Look forward to seeing some new items that are harder to find and also new partnerships with some foreign allied companies who make great gear with no one to distribute inside the US. Our store became mostly a site to pick online orders from. We never advertised in our area (on purpose) but there was little point in keeping it when we couldn't keep items on the shelf for web fulfillment and the scale of what online sales were producing versus the store. We closed the store knowing that we would open again in the future

2019 - we added Chase Tactical, Grey Ghost Gear, and continued to seek out some more brands just starting up to give you access to more items not typically found discounted on the internet. We began building another site on a platform that sezzle can be integrated into, so that customers with high dollar orders can use the interest free financing option. Just for fun, we started another Facebook account, figuring it wouldn't last; and we were correct

2020 - we transitioned back to a .com under the name due to the ridiculously high number of people who still can't fathom using a branded extension which there are several of. With the masses not being able to keep up with the times, it forced another, what is seemingly permanent change. Our Facebook page that gained only about 6,600 followers was shut down, and just to hold our place online, we immediately started a new page

2021 COVID took a toll on the business temporarily. It was easier to rebound when we were making America great again, but here we are with some interesting new policies that we're trying to work through and getting back to business as usual. Multiple sites for stores have been chosen and there will be four finished before the end of the calendar year. In September, our Instagram page was deleted by IG admins, without warning, and with no way to recover the account. We started a new one where we haven't made many posts, and put social media marketing on the backburner indefinitely. We'll ramp that up when we're in a position to go back to servicing individual orders

2022 - We began the year accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment to help answer the demand of our clients. Several entities asked, and we're always wanting to do whatever we can to enhance the support we offer. Currently, we have an app underway for individual orders that will only include on-hand gear for easy and quick fulfillment. We made an update to our logo at the request of many and began our "US Against the World" campaign. Our bid process is getting streamlined, and we are in the process of adding a few more brands to be announced soon. Federal contracting has taken off, and we are focusing on talent acquisition to grow the team so that equal attention can be given to large contracts, as well as smaller First Responder departments, small units, and really setting ourselves apart in the individual market. Although not all inclusive, that list is in order of precedence. We are also going to relaunch our channel soon, begin doing Gear Quest challenges, giveaways, and getting back to the roots of social media outreach beginning next calendar year following SHOT Show 2023

2023 - This was an interesting year for multiple reasons.  Many of our clients were broke or even overspent by as much as $8mil by July. Our main Corrections uniform supplier started experiencing warehouse issues when it came to processing orders, causing serious delays and the inability take orders past September. Congress' inability to pass a budget made for challenges we haven't seen since we opened in 2008, so the end of the year was fairly flat. This was the Year of Less Lethal Deterrents for Law Enforcement, and we sold thousands of Pepperball Guns, cans of sprays and gels, and had a great year with ASP. A lot more emphasis was put on small department and EMS sales including cracking the code on why/how so many EMS companies from around the country go so cheap on uniforms and gear. We were able to add some great products to the lineup and looking forward to even more in 2024 

2024 - ​This is "The Year of Second Chances" for Law Enforcement and the Military. It's the first time we've had an annual campaign that aligned for both communities. For Law Enforcement professionals, the right body armor can be the deciding factor in making it home at the end of the day. What level of armor to have, which type of carrier to use, and getting the right mix of comfort and protection for your force are all important decision points. This includes stab armor for Corrections Officers as well. Unfortunately, body armor also comes with a fairly short shelf life. We’re here to help make one of the more expensive purchases that agencies will transact on a rotational basis easier, faster, more informed, and help you save some money in the process. For our military clients, 2024 is the “Year of Second Chances” putting emergency medical field and training equipment up front and center, and getting the word out that we’re here to partner with your unit for better prices and quick delivery of those products in support of saving lives. You can’t always control everything that happens on the battlefield, but you may be able to give someone a second chance at life if your personnel are properly trained and maintain a constant state of readiness.

 For our Emergency Medical and Fire professionals, we will continue to provide discounts on your gear and apparel like always. What you do every single day fits our year mission for 2024. You see people on some of their worst days, and that is something we want you to know that we recognize and appreciate.


For all of our clients, regardless of your industry; thanks for everything you do. It means a lot that you continue to stay with us, and that our client base continues to grow through referrals as we deliver great service to you. If you need anything from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out


How do we call the business?

As of right now, we have suspended telephonic communication for individual customers, so that we may more efficiently answer the needs of more customers. We will NEVER use an answering service or automated system. Use the CONTACT US page to submit requests. Most are answered the same day.

Why did my order get refunded/ rejected?

In many cases, individual customers make purchases without reading our POLICIES. Depending on what policy was violated, that may result in your order being rejected. It only benefits you to contact us before placing an individual order.

I heard you only do business with agencies, can I still place an order with you guys?

You may absolutely place an order with us,  however please read all policies and remember that the sales process is no different for individuals than it is for the way we handle agency orders. We are an acquisitions company, not direct sales so the flow of gear may be quite faster, or a bit slower depending on what you're ordering. 

How do I know if something is in stock?

There are two ways to answer this question, and it's not either or; both apply.

#1 Use the contact us page to see about availability. 

#2 Even though we do have a large selection of gear on hand, if you've checked the manufacturer website and they're currently out of stock, we most likely are as well. Typically dealers will run out before the manufacturer does regardless of what gear items you're looking for.

I ordered something but didn't receive a confirmation message?

Although not typical or frequently asked, we would like to mention that IF this happens, you need to contact us. You don't have to wait any longer than you feel necessary. If you feel like it's five minutes after your order or five days, it's up to you. If you reach out to us, we will respond to your message. We check our systems daily to ensure they're up and running, however the developers may be performing maintenance or installing updates which can slow or prevent an automated message being sent out.

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