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Our priority has been and will always be the PEOPLE behind the armor. That is why we are selective over which brands we offer and what products from those brand's product lines. If you're looking for ballistic soft armor, spike protection, armor plates, and carriers, no one else will go to to limits we will to ensure your agency receives great armor at the best prices in the industry. In 15 years we've never been underbid on an agency order; not even once.



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If you are looking for personal body armor, you should consider getting quality products. The question is NOT a selling point, it's legitimate; how much is your life worth to you? If you're still looking for a cheaper option, we do have Battle Steel Armor products. We offer those mostly for training, but they have been tested to meet certain ballistic standards. You are ultimately liable for the effectiveness of the armor you choose to put on your body. CONTACT US for more information.

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