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The TAPCO Gen II AR-15 30 Round Polymer Mag Molded for Durability and Guaranteed to Feed and Function Extremely reliable and durable AR-15 mag at a great price. Collecting input from military, law enforcement, and civilian shooters, TAPCO has designed a mag that can be depended on from a trip to the firing range to deployment overseas. Molded of reinforced composite with aggressive horizontal ridges that provide increased gripping surface for insertion and extraction of the mag in wet or muddy conditions. This also helps to eliminate feed lip separation. The anti-tilt follower has been designed to allow more dirt and grime to pass than any other mag on the market. This allows the mag to keep feeding ammo, despite loose dirt or sand that may have entered the mag. The spring is made using a 1770 Stainless steel wire, featuring a unique shape for smoother, quieter loading through all 30 rounds. It also reduces overall stress on the mag body, preventing spine cracks.

Tapco Freedom Holder - Standard Capacity 10 pack

$157.10 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
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