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Look good and be prepared… with the Bear Grylls Survival Belt you can do both. This stylish belt features an aluminum buckle with a water resistant compartment to store those essentials you might have otherwise forgot. On the reverse of the buckle there is a small flat head and Philips screwdriver for when you need it. The 2 inch (5cm) Nylon webbing on the belt is 48 inches long (122cm) and features a hidden zipper pocket on the reverse to store Bear's 'Priorities of Survival' Pocket Guide. Inside the buckle there is a signaling mirror and small fishing kit.
Hidden compartment in buckle houses: Fishing Line, Fishing Hooks, Fishing Weights, Snare Wire, Signaling Mirror
Rear of buckle houses removable mini-screwdriver with flat and Philips drivers
Hidden zipper pocket on reverse side of nylon belt stores priorities of survival guide
Belt material: heavy Nylon webbing
Overall Length: 48 Inches (122cm)


$41.26 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
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