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The ROMEO 6H 1x30mm optic provides unlimited eye relief to acquire aiming point and target, regardless of eye position behind sight. It uses MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) to power up or down when sensing motion -- conserving energy until it's needed. An ultra-efficient red LED illumination system is ideal for daylight visibility and offers an extended runtime. This ROMEO relies upon Mil-Spec objective coating to limit downrange light leakage in tactical situations and mounts through a ruggedized 1.53 mounting system for ease-of-use.


$428.00 Regular Price
$320.00Sale Price
    • Designed for MSR rifles, carbines and submachine guns
    • Ballistic Circle-Dot and Ballistic Circle QuadPlex reticle options
    • Users can select from 4 different reticle options (Dot, Circle-Dot, Dot with Holds, Circle-Dot with Holds)
    • Comes standard with see-through lens covers
    • IPX7 waterproofing
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