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f you think the concept of multi-tasking is overrated, don't tell it to the guys who developed the patent-pending Recon. Because this long-awaited L.E.D format lets you choose from four different colors of light, depending on your needs of the moment.

The official name for this proprietary technology is D.I.A.L., which stands for Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens. Basically, this new design lets you dial in the color that'll serve you best: White for general situations, red for preserving night vision, blue for identifying fluids, and green for map reading.

It's all powered by one AA battery you can anticipate long battery life which come with the Recon. It weighs just 2.6 ounces. Yet it delivers a military ton of task-specific light, right when you need it.


$34.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Included lens options allow for 4 output colors: white, red, green, and blue Convenient clip provides hands-free use to keep your focus on task Low watt LED light has proprietary D.I.A.L. technology Body Color: Black Body Material: Aluminum Switch Type: Twist Tailcap Rechargeable? No Body Diameter: 22.5 mm Weight w/ batteries: .21 oz
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