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Streamlights ProTac 2L-X is a complete rechargeable system that includes Streamlights USB battery with an integrated USB charge port. This versatile, multi-fuel flashlight also accepts CR123A lithium batteries, ensuring youll always have a beam when you need it.


$105.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
    • 500 lumens
    • Multi-Fuel – Uses rechargeable 18650 USB battery or two CR123A lithium batteries
    • 18650 USB battery transforms the ProTac 2L-X into a USB rechargeable system, so you always have a light when you need it
    • TEN-TAP® Programming allows selection of three different operating programs

    OWNER NOTE: This is one of the brightest most practical flashlights on the market. It comes with a rechargable battery and it's the same price as the standard model with CR123 batteries. That's why I don't offer the disposable battery variant. For handheld carry this is THE flashlight of the modern age. 


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