OPS Integrated Battle Shirt 2.0


Completely re-cut and re-sized to provide a better fit.

Features top and side entry chest pockets for easier access while wearing body armor.

Slanted shoulder pockets with Velcro Panels for patches.

Shaped elbows are reinforced with 500D and accept OPS elbow pads.

3D shaped removable elbow pads(included).

Stretchy fabric applied on upper back armpit area.


Constructed with official / mil-spec 50/50 NYCO rip-stop fabric(NIR)

500D Cordura elbow pockets(NIR)





$95.00 Regular Price
$90.00Sale Price
  • Size chart:

    Small Regular--fits chest: 32" to 36",fits height: 67" to 71"

    Small Long--fits chest:32" to 36",fits height: 71" to 75"

    Medium Regular--fits chest: 36" to 40", fits height: 67" to 71"

    Medium Long--fits chest: 36" to 40", fits height: 71" to 75"

    Large Regular--fits chest: 40" to 44",fits height: 67" to 71"

    Large Long--fits chest: 40" to 44",fits height: 71" to 75"

    X-Large Regular--fits chest: 44" to 49",fits height: 67" to 71"

    X-Large Long--fits chest: 44" to 49",fits height: 71" to 75"

    XX-large Regular--fits:49" to 53",fits height: 67" to 71"

    XX-Large Long--fits chest:49" to 53",fits height: 71" to 75"

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