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The Ops-Core® FAST XR helmet is part of the FAST ballistic protection helmet family. Its innovative, lightweight design resists penetration of up to a 7.62x39mm lead core round and protects against Level IIIA / HG2 Handgun projectiles and frag, at a weight of 2.81lbs (Large). The FAST XR integrates into Ops-Core’s total headborne system solutions which include situational awareness, optics, and respiratory protection.


$2,139.95 Regular Price
$1,955.00Sale Price
    • Lightweight design capable of resisting a 7.62x39mm lead core projectile.
    • High cut, ballistic shell made of a hybrid composite of the most advanced carbon, unidirectional polyethylene, and woven Aramid.
    • High cut shell geometry extends critical coverage over the rear occipital lobe without load carrier interference and optimizes weight distribution for increased stability, integration, balance, and improved comfort.
    • Low Profile Skeleton Rail system offers a lightweight mounting system for the headborne ecosystem.
    • Molded liner features proprietary recessed channel, accommodating over-the-head communications headsets with no interference or user discomfort, and ability to doff and don helmet without removing the headset.
    • Comes with Vented Lux Liner with Low Profile OCC-Dial, Right Eye Dominant (buckle on left).
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